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\frametitle{Explaining models}
Idea: We give a global understanding of the model by explaining a set of individual instances
\item Still model agnositc (since the individual explanations are)
\item Still model agnostic (since the individual explanations are)
\item Instances need to be selected in a clever way, as people won't have time to look through all explanations
\item Some definitions
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\item Is it fair that the authors create their data in such a way that \emph{Parzen} becomes unusable in their tests?
\item What do you expect to happen if the data is very non-linear even in the local predicitions?
\item The \emph{K-Lasso} algorithm used in \emph{Algorithm 1} is explicitly used for regression analysis and as such it should only work when they use linear models for their explanations. Is this okay?
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